Have you ever wondered how your dealership's performance measures up to others in your same industry or OEM?
Well, now you can thanks to Capital Goods Sages complimentary scoring tool available online.

Does Your Dealership Measure-Up?

The Capital Goods Sages team have developed an online insight tool allowing you to evaluate your dealership’s performance against acceptable standard performance criteria developed through our work with more than a thousand dealerships nationwide.

Enter your dealership’s business data into our easy-to-use online tool, and your performance will be benchmarked against the best in the industry. This panoramic and in-depth visibility is critical in executing proven strategies to increase performance and profitability. This management report is the foundation to our Enterprise Fitness Model.

Included in each scorecard are measurements in sales, rentals, parts, service and administration. Your dealership’s financials, operations, assets and productivity are reviewed by department; sales, rentals, parts, service and administration. You can select from almost 200 measures to be included in your dealership’s scorecard.

Once your reports have been delivered online you are free to enjoy their offerings. If you’d like more measurements in your scorecard we have four different program options that will take your dealership to the next level. We also provide educational and/or consultation services should you require additional guidance.


Tested Improvement Options (TIPS)
Our TIPS series consist of best practices we’ve used for dealerships similar to yours. TIPS include “how to” documents that outline what steps and actions are required to see improvements in the specific measurement area. You’ll receive 3-5 TIPS for each measure. Our do-it-yourself TIPS kit saves your organization money you’d normally pay a consultant.
Associated Contact Experts (ACES)
Need more of a hands-on approach? We have a network of ACES who are available on a consulting basis. With the invaluable input of our Financial Fitness Scorecard, your consultant will be armed with everything they need to help you achieve your business goals, sooner than later. You’ll save dollars on consultant fees because the early work has been completed. So, let’s get started.
Don't wait one more minute. Why not just give our Enterprise Fitness Scorecard a try?
With nearly 200 measures and actionable items in each area your business will quickly rise to the top.
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