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Enterprise Fitness Scorecard

Five Departments

  • Sales
  • Rentals
  • Parts
  • Service
  • Administration

Evaluate your dealership’s performance against acceptable standard performance using our online insight tool. Enter your dealership’s business data into our easy-to-use online tool, and your performance will be benchmarked against the best in the industry.

This panoramic and in-depth visibility is critical in executing proven strategies to increase performance and profitability. This management report is the foundation to our Enterprise Fitness Model.

Our complimentary “scorecard” offers measurements in just a few areas. Need more measures, no worries. Our product provides nearly 200 measures for you to select from. Customize your report according to your dealership’s unique and individual needs.

Four Areas

  • Financials
  • Operations
  • Assets
  • Productivity

Scorecard Grading System

The Capital Goods Sages scorecard uses the following six grades to evaluate
your dealership's level of performance for each of the management measures.

The Capital Goods Sages Scorecard Graphic


Lowest performance grade. The red cross indicates you are in serious need for triage. Check your wounds, apply first aid and call 911. Care needed.


Red Light grade. Your measures require an IMMEDIATE fix. Continue down this path and you will impact operational efficiencies.


Proceed with Caution grade. You are about to embark on a path with known risks, and in many cases not advised. Reevaluate ASAP.


Standard Performance grade. This indicates the measurement is within standard operating procedures. Maintain or make improvements.


High Performance grade. Congrats. Keep up the good work on this measurement. It’ll lead to your dealerships success.


Dangerously High grade. This is the most severe grade you can receive. The measurement requires action or experience operational woes.

We provide a highly-secure online input form on our website. You can sure be sure we hold all of your data in a completely confidential manner. We do not share your information. We analyze your information against management measures and standards that we have developed over the last 45 years. For more information on our experience visit “About Us”.